Catch Redfish Charlotte Harbor

Catch Charlotte Harbor Redfish

Catch Charlotte Harbor Redfish for fly fishing enthusiasts, target redfish with baitfish patterns on the flats. Select flies that imitate mullet or finger mullet, resembling the local forage. Cast accurately to sighted redfish and strip the fly with intermittent pauses.

Catch Charlotte Harbor Redfish

Head to the nearest Shoreline when the tide is up or on the rise. Quietly move along the shoreline casting near the mangroves. If the water is clear use good, polarized Sunglasses and quality lenses to look for reds. They are easier to spot than you think. Lead the fish a few yards making slow movements. Remember you want to get the fish to pay attention not run away.

I prefer the mullet pattern bait fish from Enrico Puglisi

catch redfish charlotte harbor

Consider using crab and shrimp patterns for a more versatile fly fishing approach. Redfish are opportunistic feeders, so presenting various fly patterns can trigger their predatory instincts.

Howard Saslow With Redfish Charlotte Harbor

Utilize an 8 to 10-weight fly rod to handle the potentially larger redfish in Charlotte Harbor. Pair it with a saltwater reel and a floating or intermediate fly line to cover different depths.

If you do not want to break the bank on this check TFO Reels and Rods. They are affordable and get the job done for me. Most of the time in Charlotte Harbor, most Redfish won’t even pull much drag.

Catch Redfish Charlotte Harbor

Timing is crucial; focus your efforts during incoming tides when redfish move into shallower waters. This increases your chances of intercepting them during their feeding activities.

Here is a recent video depicting sight casting to redfish in Charlotte Harbor

Catch Charlotte Harbor Redfish Spinning Rod

Alternatively, to catch redfish in Charlotte Harbor, employ spin rods with artificial lures for exciting action. Choose lures mimicking crustaceans and baitfish, focusing on drop-offs and mangrove edges. Vary your retrieval speed to entice strikes from these cunning predators.

Try using light tackle very light. Use 3000 spin class reels with 7 foot medium action rods. Use braided line not mono. Attach a 30 lb flourcarbon leader to the braid at the end of the line.

Use DOA Paddle Tail baits with strong 5/16 th. ounce jig heads of various colors. Most tackle or bait shop worth their weight will be able to set you up and provide a few pointers.

Work the shoreline when the tide is moving. Stay at least 50 yards from the shoreline casting as near to the shore as you can.

Early mornings use top water plugs. Redfish may hit these plugs and miss the first few times. It is important to NOT pull the plug away keep your composure and barely move the plug after a missed strike. In most cases the fish will circle back and strike again with better accuracy.

Catch Charlotte Harbor Redfish

Guide or Solo

For successful spin rod fishing, opt for soft plastics like shrimp imitations or paddle-tail swimbaits. Work them slowly along the bottom, allowing the scent to attract redfish in the area.

Incorporate stealth into your approach by using light fluorocarbon leaders and making quiet casts. This increases your chances of not spooking wary redfish in the shallow waters.

In conclusion, whether you prefer the excitement of spin rod fishing with artificial lures or the finesse of fly fishing with baitfish patterns, adapting to the local conditions and the predatory behavior of redfish in Charlotte Harbor will enhance your chances of a successful catch.

If you would like to hire a Fishing Guide for a lesson on how to Catch Charlotte Harbor Redfish CLICK HERE