Fly Fishing North Port

Fly Fishing North Port. North Port Florida is situated on the edge of the Myakka River and near Charlotte Harbor. Actually, the name North Port refers to the area of North Port Charlotte.

North Port host a variety of canals that hold some trophy fish. Few anglers know about these canals and the fish that can be found in them.

fly fishing north port

In this article I am going to tell you where to launch and what to target.

Most anglers want to fish the beautiful crystal-clear flats of the Florida Keys or Placida/Boca Grande. They are beautiful areas to fish and highly recommended. Sometimes fishing those places isn’t always possible. However, there are other solutions for cold winter days.

Try North Port or the Peace River, they may surprise you. The warm waters of the Myakka and Peace Rivers offer a safe haven for large snook and tarpon during the winter months. When it is cold and nasty these predators head upriver to hunt and survive.

fly fishing north port

North Port offers several great places to launch kayaks and one outstanding boat ramp (LINK HERE). All of which have direct access to the river and tributaries.

Punta Gorda has the Peace River and two great ramps East of the 75 Bridge. Here are links to both. Harbor Heights Park/Ramp and Darst Park

Fly Fishing North Port A Trip Back in Time

Some places are over developed and plagued with boat traffic. Not Punta Gorda’s Peace River nor the Myakka River. These two gems can take a person back in time. There are some days when you might not see another person on parts of both river systems.

The good news is there are still places to explore in the Myakka, the Peace, and Charlotte Harbor. Either by kayak or skiff. Fly Fishing there can be an exciting day.

Your strategy should be time and effort. This will be no easy task but with time and effort you will learn the secrets of the area. Nobody is just going to tell you where to go. You have to put in your time.

Fly Fishing Tarpon in the River

Juvenile and large “resident” tarpon call the Myakka and Peace River home during the winter months. A Resident Tarpon refers to a larger adult tarpon that is not part of the migration that comes to Florida in the early summer Months.

There is a miss conception among some people that tarpon can only be caught on the beach, in the summer. That is the easiest way to catch them (in my opinion), targeting with live bait along the coast almost any person can catch a tarpon with that method. If you don’t mind being close to other anglers while fishing. I highly recommended it.

fly fishing north port

Targeting tarpon in the winter is a different story and requires skill and an attitude like that of a hunter. You first have to find them, then you have to get them eat. Two difficult tasks. However, your chances increase in North Port and Punta Gorda and even greater in Naples and Ft Myers.

Fly Fishing Large Snook North Port Canals

Colder temps make the snook head for warmer waters. The tide plays a critical role in water temps. Cold waters from the gulf come in during the winter tides. This can cause a whole host of problems for snook. Therefore, most of the larger fish head for waters with little to no tidal flow. The water is a tad bit warmer but more important the temps are “consistent”.

fly fishing North Port
North Port Snook

I think that North Port and Punta Gorda should be a “go to” for Fly Fisherman/Fisherladies looking to target large snook and tarpon in the winter months. Use whatever shallow watercraft you have, hatch a plan using Google Maps, and head out and explore. I bet you find something if you are persistent. Sometimes the best feeling is finding a great fishing spot on your own.

bob Johnson kayak launch
Bob Johnson Landing Kayak Launch North Port

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