Fly Fishing Photographer Featured By Ikelite

My Fly Fishing Photos Featured By Ikelite

Fly Fishing Photographer Featured By Ikelite

Fly Fishing Photographer Featured By Ikelite

Fly Fishing Photographer featured by Ikelite In my world of saltwater fly fishing photography, I’ve spent over a decade immersed in the challenge of capturing the essence of marine life beneath the surface. With my trusty Ikelite housing. My lens has become the key to unlocking the images of the underwater world in the shallows. Always attempting to reveal the beauty of silver tarpon, elusive snook, and spirited redfish against the vast backdrop of the shallow flats.

My distinct style revolves around finding that sweet spot between the submerged and visible worlds, as showcased in my signature half-and-half photographs.

Recently, I’m honored to have caught the attention of Ikelite, earning a feature on their esteemed blog and website. It’s a nod to the blend of technical precision and a profound understanding of my subjects that I bring to each shot.

This recognition marks a milestone in my journey as a fly fishing photographer, offering a glimpse into the patience and dedication that goes into crafting each image. My work, now proudly showcased by Ikelite, stands as an inspiration for fellow enthusiasts and a celebration of the captivating dance between the angler and the ocean.

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I am proud to say that according to Ikelite I am the first to be featured on their website using their products in the manner that I do. I feel honored to be placed along side of so many amazing ocean photographers. Being a Fly Fishing Photographer Featured By Ikelite is certainly a proud moment. I have been using their products for over a decade and I never leave home without it.