“I love fly fishing. I love helping people catch fish on the fly, it brings joy to me watching them land the fish. That is why I do this and nothing more.”

A Passion for Fly Fishing

I am on my third renewal of my Captain’s license. Having lived in Sarasota my entire life I do call Charlotte Harbor home.

I spend an average of four days a week on the water exploring new areas of Charlotte Harbor. I have been Soley fly fishing (I do not spin fish at all) for over a decade, attempting to pay my dues to the fly fishing world. Yet there are days when I still realize I know absolutely nothing.

A Passion for Fly Fishing

To me Fly fishing is about the journey, of course, the fish are important too. The “journey” of Fly Fishing helped me recover from a major loss in my life and I am a firm believer that it can help others too. It takes focus and dedication, and the rewards are high. Being on the water focusing helps clear the mind and rejuvenate a person. In my opinion.

The Why

On Christmas of 2020 I lost my son and found myself diving deeper into depression. That is when I focused more and more on the escape of Fly Fishing. Isolating myself from the world.

There were weeks when I spent every day on the water from sunrise to sunset alone, to escape the world, and after thousands of hours in isolation, and years of “fly fishing therapy”. I came to the realization that Fly Fishing saved my life, along with support from family, faith, and good friends. I feel like during that time, I learned a lot about myself and the Charlotte Harbor Environment. That helped me become a better angler.

Fly fishing opened my eyes in so many ways (as it probably has yours too) to the beauty and environment that surrounds us, while we are there immersed in the wild. Sometimes we tend to overlook the obvious beauty (while attempting to land the big one). Allow me to show you that beauty in Charlotte Harbor via fly fishing. Charlotte Harbor is special place and something worth preserving for future generations.

I do not guide for the money that is merely a bonus. I guide because I have a passion for fly fishing, and I love it. Steve~

If you are an injured combat veteran, injured (mentally or physically) first responder, or Gold Star family member and have a passion for Fly Fishing then you can fly fish with me for free. No Charge.

If you are a fly fisherman seeking a guide in the Charlotte Harbor area, feel free to contact me.

Henry David Thoreau said it this way, Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” 


I have been taking photos since my tour in the military (1989), while traveling the world. Back then I used a film camera. Now days I tend to focus on fly fishing and the environment. I have taken photos for major brands, been published in magazines, my work is currently in television commercials, and recognized by camera equipment companies. Perhaps I can assist you with an image that will help your company or brand grow. Gallery

Fly Casting Instruction

About Captain Rex Gudgel. Rex is a certified Master Casting Instructor and a great Fly Fishing Guide. He is person that you want teaching you how to cast your fly rod or correcting prior teachings. he is also a genuinely nice east going person with a heart and passion for fly fishing.

Rex spends hours devoting his time “for free” teaching new fly anglers how to cast. This occurs monthly. He also does one on one lessons and charters while teaching folks how to cast to fish on the water. This is a great experience that I highly recommend.

Rex and I have spent probably thousands of hours on the water together over the years fly fishing. His demeanor makes him the perfect choice for you to spend your day with if you are looking to learn or have more than one angler. Unlike me Rex does offer spin casting charters and has a larger skiff to accommodate more clients. By Spending your time with Rex you get the benefit of an instructor and a guide.

Call Rex now or visit his Website Castwithrex.com

how to cast a fly rod


Steve hopped up on the poling platform and I took my station on the casting deck. It only took my second cast to leave my fly
line in the water long enough to have it become tangled in the engine propeller, but luckily Steve has tremendous patience and
began to teach me the ropes. “Take your flip flops off John so you’ll be able to feel if you are standing on your line”. “Cast to the
shadows”. “After 5 strips lift the line and drop it again”. “The fish are tight to the bushes”. Steve put me on fish like a pro. He
spotted cruising reds and snook that I unfortunately and summarily spooked. Then we poled into creeks where the fish were
schooled up under the mangroves. The Emerger was super stealth with absolutely zero hull slap. I had multiple chases and
some great takes in super skinny water. Watching the snook hunt down my fly reminded me of how we target stripers in the
Rhode Island summer surf.
What a spectacular day!”


I usually launch from

6499 Gasparilla Rd, Placida, FL 33946

Contact Captain Rex at

941 313 2092

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