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Fly Fishing Boca Grande Since 2009

Fly Fishing Guide Boca Grande

Captain Steve Hall is a Licensed Fly Fishing Guide working out the Placida Boca Grande Florida area in his Technical Poling Skiff.


$400 Single Person Guided Fly Fishing Trip Boca Grande 6 hours

Understanding The Beauty of Boca Grande

Fly Fishing Guide Boca Grande Estuary is adventure. The Harbor is a natural estuary spanning the Southwest coast of Florida from Venice to Bonita Springs on the Gulf of Mexico and is one of the most productive Wetlands in Florida. The estuary has a large Watershed, and includes Charlotte Harbor itself as well as the Peace River Caloosahatchee River, Pine Island Sound and Myakka River basins. It covers 12,653 square kilometers (4,885 sq mi), the second largest open water estuary in the state.

It is home to an abundance of wildlife from rare birds and sea life that has been classified as endangered. Anglers come from all over the world to fish the harbor and the backcountry Choosing the right Fly Fishing Guide is crucial to getting the most out of your day on the Charlotte Harbor

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Fly Fishing Guide Boca Grande

Looking for time on the bow and shots at great fish?

Catch the fish of a lifetime solo or with your best friend. Make it a day to remember contact us and let us know the type of trip you are looking for.

Maybe you want all the bow time to yourself or maybe you want to share it with a close friend loved one or a co-worker. We can make it happen.

fly fishing guide Boca Grande

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Fly Casting Instruction or Knowledge Transfer


Let Captain Rex Gudgel teach you the art of casting a fly rod. He is a certified Master Casting Instructor and has instructed hundreds of anglers.

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Fly Fishing Guide Boca Grande



  • Your Business is Legally Liable when Using an Unlicensed Drone Pilot
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Fly Fishing Charlotte Harbor


Guided Fly Fishing

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$400 Single Person Guided Fly Fishing Trip 6 hours


What Makes Boca Grande So Special and Why You Should Fly Fish Here

Often when I take first timers out on Boca Grande they are truly amazed at how immediately they are immersed in the wilderness. There are no condos, no shopping malls, there few if any party boats with thumping bass speakers. Only you and nature. There is a lack of jet skis and there are days where you may not see another boat on the same shoreline you are poling.

This is more than a fly fishing trip. It is time to reflect, time to forget about the world you left behind at the ramp. Once I had an angler fishing on the front of the skiff and he witnessed a large Boar Hog swim the creek we were fishing approximately 20 feet from the boat. He was amazed and had never witnessed such an event. Nature is always happening.

Maybe it’s Nature

To have a manatee swim by the boat in slow gentle stride as if we are not even there. These types of events distract the angler long enough for him or her to focus on the things occurring in nature and not in the world.

Most of all the angler gets to be distracted with concentration in a good way. Searching for Redfish Snook and Tarpon in the clear shallow water makes time tick by without the angler worrying about anything else.

This is why we fly fish. It has never been about “slaying the dragon” perhaps it is more about slaying the dragon in our minds. It is a way to relax, focus, and reconnect.

As True Fly Fisherman we understand that.

A commitment to the History of the Sport and Conservation of the Arena we Play In

Fly fishing, a method using artificial flies or baitfish patterns, has a rich history dating back to the 2nd century. However, its modern form, as we know it today, emerged in the 19th century.

What sets fly fishing apart is the dedication and skill required. Anglers must be patient and understand fish behavior to be successful. This method is revered for its elegance and the challenge it presents.

Dedicated fly fishers often tie their flies, creating intricate patterns that mimic natural insects or baitfish crabs etc. This artful craft adds to the allure of fly fishing and enhances the experience.

Throughout history, fly fishing has been more than just a sport; it’s a way to connect with nature and unwind. It has inspired literature, art, and a community of enthusiasts who appreciate its traditions and values.

We value the history and culture. The pure fly fishing enthusiast should come out for a day of targeting fish on the flats.

Fly Fishing Guide Boca Grande
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