Charlotte Harbor Conservation Tippecanoe

Charlotte Harbor Conservation Tippecanoe

Charlotte Harbor Conservation Tippecanoe: 20 Acres Safeguarded in Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park

In a recent triumph for environmental conservation, the Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast successfully secured a 20-acre site within the expansive Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park. Therefore, this notable achievement was made possible through the foundation’s Land Fund, dedicated to accelerating land conservation efforts in Southwest Florida since its establishment in 2017.

Charlotte Harbor Conservation Tippecanoe

The protected area, situated at the mouth of Tippecanoe Bay on Sam Knight Creek—a tributary to Charlotte Harbor, Florida’s second-largest estuary—was categorized as an “inholding.” Therefore such areas denote privately owned land within the confines of national forests, state or national parks, or similar publicly owned tracts.

At a deed tax auction held on December 12, the foundation acquired the 20-acre site for $29,331. They utilized money from their Land Fund. This strategic move exemplifies the foundation’s commitment to preserving ecologically significant spaces when other public and private funding options are unavailable.

Charlotte Harbor Conservation

The newly conserved property encompasses mangroves, wetlands, and a small upland area. The area is contributing to the diverse ecosystems within Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park. This park, Florida’s third-largest state park, safeguards over 100 miles of shoreline along Charlotte Harbor in Charlotte and Lee counties. Its varied landscapes include mangrove forests, marshes, scrub habitats, and pine flatwoods.

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This is a photo I took of a group of Manatees Mating in the spring. The background in this picture (where the tree is), is the property.

Charlotte Harbor Conservation Tippecanoe

Charlotte Harbor, recognized as an estuary of national significance, serves as a vital breeding and growth ground for various species. This includes tarpon, snook, and redfish. Also, the manatee and the protected Sawfish. By securing the 20-acre parcel, the Conservation Foundation ensures the perpetual protection of this crucial habitat.

Charlotte Harbor Conservation Tippecanoe

Looking ahead, the nonprofit land trust aims to find a buyer interested in preserving the land’s ecological value. Ideally, the foundation hopes to resell the property to the state of Florida, thereby expanding Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park.

According to a Herald Tribune Article, Christine P. Johnson, President of the Conservation Foundation, expressed gratitude for the support received over the years. She was quoted as saying “Land conservation happens in a variety of ways. Thanks to our dedicated Land Fund and all those who have contributed to it over the years. We were prepared to purchase as soon as this unique 20-acre property became available. Now, these 20 acres are forever protected for the benefit of both people and nature.”

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